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I AM...

Hey, I'm Roice the owner here. 

I wanted to introduce myself with an honest statement. When I left the military, I let myself go and ended up with with a crap lifestyle that lead me to feel comfortable.  

I'm not really sure how it happened at first. Then I started noticing my habits and behavious were a key part of the reason. 

The 5 mile morning runs had stopped, I was only lifting weights 3-4 per week - not training very hard and no cardio at all. I was eating whatever I wanted, not playing sport anymore, drinking more than I used to, all combined with the low energy and crap moods! I had basically got a bit lost in myself if I am honest. But I knew that I had to get myself back again if I wanted to be succesful. 

 See, I was an athlete from age 7, in many sports. I now have a CRAZY passion for health, fitness and getting people results, as do my team! I hope you find what you are looking for on our site and employ you to please reach out to me if you have any questions or are unsure on anything ( 

I try and post regular content out there for my clients, take a look at a few of my recent videos, one of which you can see me going through a session with a client, YES it was VERY tough....

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