No Doubt You Have Some Questions!

You can email our team directly, or we have listed some popular questions below... 


Is this not the same as a gym?

No, a gym is a place where people can go and do there own thing. In our experience, this doesn't lead to optimal results and people loose interest and quit. All of our venues have a coach leading at every session, taking you through every exercise and plan.

What Times Are The Sessions?

This all depends on what program you opt for. We have several choices, some of which can be specifically tailored around your schedule, others have an online booking system where you can pick and choose sessions. 

Do I Need To Be A Member Of A Gym?

NO! We have our own facilities running so anyone can train with us, we have you covered on that one too! 

How Much Does The Training Cost? 

That's a bit of a tough questions as we don't really know what type of program you are going to need or what location you are in. But we have coaching programs that start from £65 a month as a ballpark figure.

How Do I Know If Its For Me?

Quite simply, you don't! And neither do we at this point. That's why we have an application process invovled where we get you to come and trial a session first. 


What If I Am New To Training? 

Don't panic. Our progamming is designed to go right the way from square 1! So we know exactly how to teach, coach and educate people who are new to fitness just as we do our hardened atheletes!