Need To Know A Bit More About Us?

Supreme Being Fitness Ltd started its routes back in 2013 as a bootcamp company, delivering sessions in village halls around Essex. Pretty soon, word grew of the company and coaches and before long the sessions were fully booked. The company than saw a rapid progression into personal training, as clients requsted a more perosnal approach. Firstly in a small studio based in Essex, then into a large commercial gym, then onto large private coaching facillities in Surrey & Essex. The thing that set SB FITNESS apart was its drive to grow and develop, in both nutrition & exercise - whatever it was, the company was sure to excel and create the best opportunity within itself! Today, Supreme Being Fitness is rapidly becoming the GO TO for all fitness and health, specifically for its body transformation programs. Renowned for its work with several celebrities, including TOWIE's James Argent, the Black Eyed Pea's Lydia Lucy and Kiss 100's DJ Charlie Hedges, the brand quickly become synonymous with achieving amazing results. After winning several awards for business, gaining endoresements from the cabinet minister for Health & Education and the Director for Public Health, it's safe to say that SB Fitness has firmly secured it's place as a company you can rely on. We look forward to working with you and certainly hope to see you at our sessions soon. 

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